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Corrugated stainless steel water tanks made to measure by Designer tanks. Discover the best and most sustainable steel water tanks on the market. Our products are precision manufactured in house from Corrugated stainless steel and crafted to the size you require. 

With Round and slimline water tank styles available, in a wide range of sizes to suit your space, Designer Tanks is your ideal choice to meet your water storage needs. Elegant and stylish in classy stainless steel, or in any Colourbond range of colours, your water storage will also look great.

From small residential water tanks to larger farm or commercial water tanks including Fire fighting, we have it covered. In fact you can use our unique size-a-tank feature to design your own tank to perfectly suit your needs

We have chosen stainless steel for maximum longevity, highest overall sustainability and water quality.

The team at Designer tanks have years of experience in the of rainwater harvesting and water storage field. Owner David Mortimer have been in the industry for over twenty years.

Going beyond the tank, we have complete solutions including water pumps, filters, Basix Systems, Detention solutions and most of all, honest advice.

Also please take the time to check out our other products such as Wood hutches, fire pits , Sheds and  water troughs.

David and the team at designer tanks look forward to working with you soon.

Round Rain Water Tanks

You cannot go past the classic Australian look of a corrugated round water tank, however unlike tanks of the past which had a limited lifetime, our 304 stainless steel water tanks are designed to last a lifetime and stay looking great.

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Slimline Rain Water Tanks

Slimline tanks are a great alternative when you have space constraints or want to hide the tanks away. Typically used for residential applications, they are can be an ideal way to utilise a wasted space to store valuable water coming free from your roof.

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Full Range of Products

Going beyond just the tank, we have complete solutions including water pumps, filters and most of all great honest advice. Also take the time to check out our other products such as corrugated steel garden beds, wood hutches, fire pits and horse troughs.

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Round Tank

Slimline Tank
The height is too tall for the diameter and the tank will be unstable. Please adjust one or both measurements
Diameter: 2900mm
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Use the sliders to adjust the dimensions of your tank

Use the sliders to adjust the dimensions of your tank

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Advantages of a True Stainless Tank?

Longer Lasting

Stainless Steel water tanks have a minimum life of 30 years. The corrosion resistance properties of Stainless Steel, means the tank will not only last for a long time, but will always look brand new.


Stainless Steel water tanks are all steel; no plastic. It has a low carbon footprint in production and is fully recyclable. In fact, most stainless steel includes a significant proportion of previously recycled materials.

Cost Effective

Over its life span a stainless steel water tank with 30 Year warranty ultimately cost less than a cheaper water tank.


Stainless Steel is the choice of Australia’s world class food processing, catering and medical industries as it is an inert material that is easy to clean, and maintain. Stainless Steel will not taint the taste of your water, nor leach any foreign chemicals.


Stainless Steel is a favourite material of architects and designers of beautiful homes. Your Stainless Steel Tank will maintain its appearance for its Natural Life.

Made to Measure

Our Stainless Steel tanks are manufactured to your order and size requirements. You have the freedom to decide your own tank measurement, allowing you to maximise your stores water in a given space and get that perfect fit.