Why Stainless Steel

icon Longer Lasting

Stainless steel is well known as a very durable and long-lasting building product. Your stainless-steel tank will last for more than 30 years and will not degrade at all under the Australian harsh sunlight and will look like new all its life. All tanks are spot welded without any fasteners to leak or corrode. A Designer tank is a A tank for life.

Longer Lasting

icon Sustainable

Most new stainless is made up of over 80% recycled stainless. The material is the ultimate recyclable material and will not degrade during it lifetime. In fact, after 30 years or more should you which to recycle your tank you will be welcomed by metal recyclers , no other tank has this feature. Other tank choices such as polyethylene or plastic coated steel (Colourbond Aquaplate) are much less recyclable at end life and may find there way in land fill. Over the life span of the tank your choice of stainless steel will have the lowest carbon footprint. For further reading see



icon Cost Effective

Stainless steel water tanks will not degrade and is designed to last a lifetime. The smaller extra investment upfront will deliver a lower cost overall, especially considering the high recyclability value. Polyethylene water tanks and plastic coated Colourbond tanks often carry a 20-year warranty however the sun degrades the polyethylene between 5%-10% a year to end of life when it is fully degraded and difficult to recycle.

Cost Effective

icon Hygienic

Stainless steel is the choice of Australia’s world class food processing, catering and medical industries. It is an inert material and will not even under harsh temperatures taint the water with colour or taste and will not leach any contaminates. Most tanks on the market including polyethylene water tanks and Colourbond steel aquaplate tanks (plastic coated steel) pass the drinking water standard AS4020 but this standard still allows for a level of contamination. Many customers choose our tanks for complete peace of mind there will not be any contamination from the proven purity of stainless. Further reading refer Water tank comparisons for drinking water here .


icon Beautiful / Stylish

Stainless steel is a favourite material of architects and designers of beautiful homes. You tank will be made to size to fit your space, enabling it to blend in and complementing your home. Your tank will remain looking as good the day it was delivered for its life span.

Beautiful / Stylish

icon Made to measure

Our tanks are fabricated by our team to your order. Our process and systems mean we can make almost any physical size you require. Use our size-a-tank to design your own tank to fit both your available space and maximise your water storage and click get a quote and one of our team will be in contact. You can also chose the locations of your fittings such as inlet/outlet taps and over flow. 

Made to measure