Choosing a pump size

Choosing a quality water pump is one key decision for serviceability, longevity and sustainability.

One question that often arises is what type of pump and what size do i require. Designer Tanks uses and recommends the Davey range of pumps and their website does contain allot of useful information on the subject.

One major items to consider is the actual pump motor size verses pump performance. Many people may be tempted to get the largest horsepower pump and relate this to value for money however it is better to consider the actual performance of actually pumping of water and its efficiency. Many older technology models may indeed have larger more costly to run motors to simply perform the same as a well engineered high efficiency unit.

The team at Designer Tanks have significant experience with pump selection and would be happy to understand your unique situation and help you decide on the best long term reliable well performing pump for you.

To learn more about pump selection here is handy link.