Delivery considerations

It's Designer Tanks goal to delivery your new water tank directly onto your prepared base ready for connection. This way we can ensure a quality product arrives in ideal condition. Here are some tips to help us make that happen.





Size of your tank 

Please remember your tank needs to make it into position. That means your tank needs to make it under all low hanging trees, power lines, over bridges, through gates and  around the corner of your house or shed. You will be asked about delivery specifications when ordering your tank.



We strive to deliver all our tanks on time as committed. On occasion we need to make a decision based on safety due to the weather. For example we would not be able to proceed with a large tank delivery if high winds are forecast or if its a steep site we may have trouble when raining. This may mean short notice cancellation in some cases.


Neighbours access

When considering getting your tank delivered, it may be easier to access your property via your rear neighbour for example. If this is the case arrangement's will need to be made in advance and agreed.


Securing your tank

If you are at all concerned about wind in its desired location, it is important to arrange some water for the day of your tanks arrival. An empty tank is like a sail and can easily blow away. All that is required is a few centimeters of water and your tank will be safe and secure.