Whole of house

Designer tanks can provide you a complete well-designed whole of house rainwater capture and reuse system.

Starting with your made to measure stainless steel water tank we add a suitable pressure pump for your house size and number of occupants including external usage needs. We will match the right filter depending on your environmental conditions and water quality needs.

These solutions are provided in a cost-effective quality package ready for your plumber or builder to install. If you would like advice on your water storage needs we look forward to chatting with you soon.

As a starting point our whole of house systems contains -

  • Stainless steel water tanks or multiple tanks if required.
  • Davey HS50-08T high pressure stainless steel multistage pump suitable for large homes
  • Matching pump cover to protect you pump from the elements
  • Twin 20-inch PureTech cartridge filters, with a 20 micron pre-filter and a 1 micron secondary filter.
  • Delivery to site and positioning of the tanks onto your base