Plunge pools

Our patented round plunge pools manufactured from High grade 304 stainless steel make a simple and Elegant addition to your back yard.

They are delivered fully assembled and sealed ready to use....simply add water ! Our delivery team will carry them into position and place on your prepared base.

Being manufactured from corrugated stainless they are durable and do not require a plastic liner which can be prone to damage as per typical above ground pools.


Plunge pools are made to your order and size requirements and you can chose from a range of diameters (1400mm to 3500mm) and heights (400mm upto 1560mm)


All our plunge pools have been fully engineered and are much more than a tank without a lid. Additional welds and support rings are required to handle the dynamic loads imposed.

Once filled they water is a inviting blue/green colour reflecting off the stainless. 

The pools are designed for above ground applications only and are ideally suited for building a timber deck around for access and presentation

Our Quality Waterco pump pack can be added to any pool and includes

  • Super stream pool pump.
  • Crystal clear cartridge filter.
  • Inline table low dose chlorinator
  • Pole/brush and vacuum head.
  • Vacuum take of point
  • Safety chart
  • Start up chemicals

Note: Compliance to the Pool Fencing code is required and is upon the owner to make his/her own investigations in this regard.

Note: Our pools are covered with Patent 2020102714.