Fire Fighting

Whether you choose to hold water for fire safety or are required by council to keep a static water storage for you home in case of fire, a steel tank is the way to go and especially a stainless steel tank.

Our tanks won’t burn or split when exposed to a advancing fire.

Polyethelene tanks will melt and in fact catch fire (see picture). Many councils only allow steel tanks for fire fighting purposes and whilst traditional corrugated steel Colourbond (Aquaplate) tanks seem suitable anything above 65 degrees in temperature will cause the plastic lining on the inside to delaminate destroying the tank.

Our stainless steel tanks are just all steel without this lining. Our stainless steel tanks will hold your water allowing you to use it when needed. 

We have complete packages to help you prepare for your bush fire plan. Our kits include

  • Stainless steel water tank (capacity and size per your selection) using our size-a-tank tool.
  • Davey quality firefighting pumps. 
  • 65 mm Storz fitting on the water tank for quick connection of your pump OR connection by Rural fire service
  • Fire hose kit with 30 meters of  firefighting hose and nozzle and 5 meters suction hose with storz coupling to allow fast connection to your tank.


Other options include a combination water tank. For example, you could have a 20000 litre tank and locate your house or garden feed tap half way up so you can use the top 10000 Litres around your home the bottom 10000 litres will always be reserved for your emergency firefighting application.

For more information on the benefits of steel tanks for fire fighting see CRC report here

For more detailed information on Davey fire pumps see