Designer tanks can help solve your commercial applications with cost effective pre manufactured solutions build to suit your specific project.

The beauty of a stainless-steel tanks means we can custom make all size fittings and outlets as required and factory assemble them to the tank prior to delivery.

Fittings available include

  • Outlets up to 200mm diameter with various connections from BSP thread to table Flanges
  • Detention orifice plates located at the heights required.
  • Anti vortex suctions plates
  • Hi Flow inlet filters up to 150mm.

We also have an upgrade option from standard 0.55 mm corrugated sheet to 0.7mm gauges which dramatically increase wall strength and dent resistance. Good for car parks and the like.

Whether you’re an Architect, hydraulic engineer or commercial plumber we will be able to assist in ensuring your solution is well engineered and cost effective.

Use our size-a-tank feature to get the right fit at the design phase and discuss your project with the team at Designer tanks as early as possible. The team have seen many onsite issues late in the project and keen to solve these early on to have your project run smoothly and efficiently.